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Register with MySquashAUS

From Jan 2024, if you wish to play in either the local IDSRA competitions and/or Open Tournaments anywhere in Australia, you need to be registered with MySquashAUS (RevSport) and have a rating given to you.

MySquashAUS Registration Fees are as follows:

IDSRA Comp only (local): $66.00
All Open Tournaments & IDSRA Comp: $99.00

Both memberships are valid up to 30th June 2024 (there being no pro-rata setup for the inaugural year).

Renewals after 30th June 2024 will be for a full financial year i.e. valid to 30th June 2025

You will also need to pay Gerringong Squash Club your Competition Fees consisting of:
a) $15.00 IDSRA Membership (previously $25.00), and
b) Court fees/hire - depending on the number of rounds in your division
We will let you know what these Comp fees are once the draws are out.
1) Players participating in more than one team, only pay for one lot of IDSRA Membership Fees ($15.00)
2) If  you are in a Mixed Comp. and wish to sub in the Men's Comp. (or vice versa), there is now no need to pay the extra $25.00 registration fee.

Click here to Register

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