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Welcome to Gerringong Squash Club

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Gerringong Squash Club is a family-friendly squash club designed to promote fitness and fun.

It's run by volunteers on a not-for-profit basis.

We offer the opportunity to play squash of any standard any day of the year.

Court Sessions

We have hit-up squash sessions during the week (max. 6 players per session)

  • Mon: 5-6.30pm and 6.30 -8pm

  • Sat:  1-2pm and 2pm-3pm
    These sessions are organised using our WhatsApp Group, so you can see who is coming for a hit.
    To join the Gerringong Squash WhatsApp Group click here

Court Bookings
Outside of the above sessions, courts can be booked and paid for online
Court Fees are $30 per hour payable online at the time of booking

Free Equipment Use
There is a black bag either in the cupboard under the stairs or in the kitchen area with some old racquets in it.

Some of these racquets have minor cracks in them, so please don't stress out if it breaks on you.

There are also 2 racquet ball racquets in the bag - the blue racquet balls are in with the junior squash balls.
The larger green bag has smaller junior racquets and spongy black balls for beginners.

If someone has shut the cupboard door, grab a knife from upstairs and gently pry it open - it's not latched.

There are some boxes of balls (junior and senior) on/under the kitchen bench too for you to use.
There are safety goggles in a soft black bag on/under the kitchen bench for ALL JUNIORS

Instructions for Online Bookings
You will be sent a unique code for your booking, which unlocks the front door.
Enter the code into the pin pad using “#” after the code e.g. 1234#

Wait for the green light to shine on the pin pad, and then give the door a good push to enter
If you make a mistake, enter the # key, wait a few seconds, then re-enter your code followed by the # key

If you are early for your allocated time, the code won't work until closer to the booked time

Contact Us

29 Belinda St.
Gerringong. NSW. 2534

Thanks for submitting!

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